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Bearing lubrication

single or double shielded (Z, ZZ) and single or double sealed (RS, 2RS). Before the formal shipment, we fill into the qualified oil or grease strictly. If you have any special requests about the lubrication, please feel free to show us and we can fill the corresponding oil or grease with the accurate rate as per your special requests. Below the following is our normal grease.

Manufacturer Brand name Basic type grease Operation temp.c Use
Exxon  Beacon 325 synthetic grease -55~120 General purpose grease
Exxon  Andok B(Mil-G-18709A) Channeling petroleum grease -30~95 Excellent high speed,low torque,light mass
Exxon  Andok C  Channeling petroleum grease -30~120 Smooth running,long life
 G.E.Versilube G300 Silicone gorase -75~205 Lighe loads and fine moderate speed
Mobil28  (Mil-G-81332) Synthetic hydrocarbon -55~180 Wide temperature range,good low temperature torque
Chevron Mineral grease -30~180 High temperature range with good water resistance
Shell  Alvania2 Mineral grease -35~120 Long life and wide application
DuPont  Krytox 240AC(mil-G-27617) Fluorinated grease -35~290 High temperature stablility with good lubricity properties
Shell  Dolium R Petroleum grease -40~150 Good corrosion resistance and water resistance
KYODO SRL Synthetic grease -40~150 Low noise,low torque and special case
NIG-ACE W Synthetic grease -18~150 Low noise,low torque and special case
Mobil HP Lithium complex -30~110  Vibration,moderate speeds and good corrosion resistance
Tianjin Hangu Motor No.2 Mineral grease -30~110 wide application,general purpose